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Helping first responders secure funding for the equipment, training, and technology they need to get home safely.

Helping first responders secure funding for the equipment, training, and technology they need to get home safely.

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I specialize in grant writing & strategy for public safety agencies. My goal is to find the best funding opportunities for your department – private foundation, state or federal. Trust me, there are more funding opportunities than you think there are!

About Me

Hello, friend! My name is Lauren and I am the Founder of Public Safety Grant Writing, LLC. A little bit of background…

The Grant Game Is No Joke.

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Sentinel Emergency Solutions is your premier emergency vehicle and equipment dealership in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. We offer exceptional sales and service to make sure your department is prepared to best serve your community.

“Eyes in the sky for every department in need.”

Recruit others to help support our national public safety departments with UAV/UAS technology. Together we can help support those who give so much.

We are a first responder family owned & operated small business specializing in water rescue training, equipment and boats.

Dynamic International brings almost 15 years of grant funding assistance strategy experience to help organizations fund projects that will save them time, money, and lives while reducing liability. The grant funding assistance strategy service we provide includes how to sell a grant funding project to elected officials, identify the best Federal, Private, and State Grants to target, write a successful grant application and justification paper, and protect the awarded funding so it is not lost.

Brooks Fire Service Consulting specializes in servicing financially distressed fire protection districts. Brooks will bring classes and seminars to your area. We will work with your district to prevent closure, add manpower, create community programs, and locate funding & equipment.

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