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We specialize in grant writing & strategy for public safety agencies. Our goal is to find the best funding opportunities for your department - private, state, and federal. Trust us, there are more funding opportunities than you think there are!

Private Grants

Private Grants (foundations, public charities, and nonprofits) are a great way to fund projects for your department. The application and reporting process is usually less intense for Private Grants vs. State or Federal Grants. Most Private Grants also allow partial funding, so your department can fund a larger project via multiple Private Grants OR use the funding towards the cost-share on a State or Federal Grant.

State & Federal Grants

State and Federal Grants tend to have a more complex application and reporting process. Keep in mind many state and federal grants have a “matching component” to them, which just means your department will be responsible for pitching in some funds for the project as well if it is funded.

We understand that many departments just don’t have room in their budget to hire a grant writer. If you are in that situation, we still encourage you to reach out for a consultation. We’ll offer any insights & advice that we can to help your department through the grant process.